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A couple in their seventies get lost on a hike in Montarux

A couple in their seventies get lost on a hike in Montarux

During a vacation in Tourette, a couple in their seventies from Oys experienced great fear.

On Saturday, the two got lost in the Bond des Doves in Montarox after the hike began at 3 p.m.

After a two-hour walk, the retirees could not find a way back. Then they called for help at 8pm.

“From the first elements collected, they were about 1.5 km from the Doves Bridge” We sent an SMS with an HTML link via the Gendloc application, trying to locate them accurately. Unfortunately, they could not activate the link. “

Safe and sound

The search continued for the ten genders of the Fire Brigade stationed at the scene. They arrived four hours later. “The couple left a significant trail in the middle of the woods, in a safe and nice steep place,” the official said.

Safe and good, two Septuagenarians were not hospitalized.


“Before each hike, you need to prepare and know your route, follow the marked route, learn about the weather, record phone numbers, register with emergency numbers, fetch water and food, provide functional clothing, inform loved ones of its exit, and Mark the expected return time, “said Captain Lefloflian.

A few years ago an application dedicated to this type of intervention was developed by Gentorms: Gentlelock. This allows you to quickly find out from the link sent to the loser.

“It allows people to accurately geolocate without having to download anything, even if they don’t know their status,” he says. “Other Features: Help lost and uninjured people find their way back without interfering in the field.”

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