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Dragon Quest X Offline announces its release date on TGS - News

Dragon Quest X Offline announces its release date on TGS – News

As we learned at the end of May, this variant, which does not have the online mode of MMO, will adopt a new super distorted graphic style or “DD” as the famous couple from Ezone say. Understand the “dots and decay” to try to maintain the visual style of every five divisions competing in the world of Astoldia, but in the Lilliputian version. This also applies to major NPCs, which stop the plot of a scene that fans appreciate whenever it is mentioned, always adding voices that give it more personality. Wars will protect system-based logic through the selection of the series’ regular commands – some techniques are specific and exclusive to this offline version.

On the marketing side, Square Enix is ​​already planning the arrival of DLC in the spring of 2022 based on the plot and events of The Sleeping Hero and the guiding friend extension including the famous heroine Anlusia. The base game will be offered at 8,580 yen (66), which will increase XP and cash for half an hour with multiple bonuses such as a winged slim hat or zenkitama stone. There will be two deluxe versions in the game, including one for 12,980 yen (100) for equipment inspired by the famous Hero Roto, Hovercraft to speed up travel and the aforementioned DLC. There is no re-pricing for special 35th year packaging that includes a cup and a spoon in addition to cosmetics and emotions.