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Ariel Pink. Mexican Summer Musician Down After Capitol Hill Events | News

Ariel Pink. Mexican Summer Musician Down After Capitol Hill Events | News

At first it was not clear Ariel Pink For the pro-Trump riots on Capitol Hill on January 6, it was a hoax or a mockery. Some protesters turned out to be an attack on the Capitol, and found the musician at the company that afternoon John Mouse Then filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer That day was immortalized by a shot from a hotel bed, when the trio were satisfied that they had lived a great adventure (translated from “had a great time”) when the campus was completely different (“the day we almost died”).

Realizing that the gesture might have confused the fans, Ariel Marcus Rosenberg He then clarified his – already revealed – support via Twitter, just hours after the president himself was blocked on social media for his misconduct and the web was in the midst of a new memoir. Welcome Panoptic – He wrote – They did not waste time, save friends, now cancel me and reprimand me before they look for you “, only to dispel all doubts about his work, wrote the ridiculous slogan” Vote for Trump. ” We even have a good remix of Holly Herton in them).

Last December, the singer said he was not a Trump supporter (“I’m not Maca”), but shared the same thoughts with John Lydon, who sided with the Republican leader, saying, “He was the only bulwark of total collapse”, “pro-Biden / Harris” The only hope is against Media Psychos. ”In response to Capitol Hill’s facts, Ariel Pink quietly protested on the White House lawn and then retreated to the hotel to” take a nap. “The case was closed.

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In response, the label released the works of some of the musicians, including the latest album Dedicated to Bobby Jameson (Since 2017) and last year single Short man syndrome, Decided to download it again via Twitter.

You can find many reviews of Ariel Pink in SA, including the ones mentioned above Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, Which is a great job.