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Dying Light 2 - Details on Quality and Performance Method

Dying Light 2 – Survival Adventure offers how much story time

The developer had to play Decland until the weekend Dying light2 Gave voice And based on maximum scope.

The talk was playing for 500 hours, and if you really crawled to the last corner, finish all the page searches and miss nothing. But since there are players who are totally focused on the story, you will spend less time with it Dying light2 Cost. Contrary to previous reports this playing time has been somewhat adjusted and is now 20+ hours spoken. Previously, it was assumed to be 20 hours, but it was still in 2019.

In order not to confuse or deceive people, Adds something today:

“We wanted to clarify how many hours it would take to complete the game. Dying Light 2: Stay Human, designed for players with different game styles and preferences, to explore the world as they see fit.

So lie Dying light2 They promise a good average of today’s story games, but just as energetic support as the original Dying lightHas received new content over the years. So it certainly does not cause boredom or end very quickly.

Dying light2 Will be released in early February 2022.

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