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Free for 4.99 euros: Apple offers useful everyday applications

Free for 4.99 euros: Apple offers useful everyday applications

Great apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

The “Stickyboard 2” app, otherwise priced at 99 4.99, is currently available for free on the Apple iPad. We will clarify whether the download is useful.

The iPad processor “Stickyboard 2”, otherwise costing 4. 4.99, is currently available for free on the App Store. (Source: nd3000 /

  • The iPad processor “Stickyboard 2” is currently available in the App Store. You save 4.99 euros.
  • The program converts your tablet into a white board in which you can freely store your notes.
  • The software provides useful tools for better reference management. No advertising or in-app purchases.

You can regularly download paid apps and mobile games from the App Store. Campaigns are used to increase awareness about shows and games and to attract new users. This way, you can secure real professional applications for free.

Um App Store Free instead of 4.99 euros*


The iPad software “Stickyboard 2” is currently included among others. The application usually costs 4.99 euros. Stickyboard 2 converts the iPod to a white board on which you can take notes.

Compared to the standard pre-installed Notes app on the tablet, you can position your entries freely on the screen and highlight them in color. There is no size limit on the white board, so you can take as many notes as you like.

Notes can be repositioned or organized at any time. Stickboard 2 supports multiple gestures, allowing you to stack multiple notes.

Practical activities

Stickboard 2 supports unlimited undo or repeat of your changes. Optionally, you can share your personal whiteboard with others via email, text or PDF.

With the integrated lasso tool, you can specify the number of references to select, move or edit them. By the way, entries should not contain text only. You can save maps, sketches and more.

That’s why the download is worth it

If you often take notes on the iPad, you should look at the app. Free positioning and color coding and arrangement of entries provide a good overview of reminders and what to do.

In the App Store, Apps gets an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. No advertising or in-app purchases. To use, you must have at least iOS 7 installed on your iPad, so older models will be supported as well. The application is currently only available in English, but the functionality is self-explanatory.

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IOS apps are currently available for free

IOS apps are currently available for free

Note: The software has not been updated for a few years and does not fill the full screen on modern iPads. Anyone who can live with it gets the practical note taking app for free.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If you are interested, do not wait too long with the download. If the app is now protected for free, you can always download it for free, even if it is resold.

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