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Dumping waste in a forest in Zero Magiur: Penalty

Dumping waste in a forest in Zero Magiur: Penalty

Giving 600 euros to an individual who dropped building materials on a tree.

Zero Magiore – He dumped the noble waste on a piece of wood and was fined 600 euros. It happens in Zero Major, where the phenomenon of garbage dumping is very widespread.

As announced a few months ago, after the completion of various activities related to video surveillance and resumption of procedures for new gates, our local police have begun a series of procedures with the ultimate aim of controlling the territory and forests. Compared to the degrading practices of dumping waste illegally – Inform the municipal administration – Apparently these activities can bring results in the medium term, bring back citizens who do not pay much attention to the rules and, above all, encourage a series of abandoned malicious practices. With satisfaction we have already received the first positive results and good cooperation from the citizens“.

In recent days, local police agents have been arguing over the illegal dumping of waste from operations. Business – The mayor explains Nucchia Perra -. The crime was committed in an isolated wooden area. The offender was forced into a sub-permit to clean the area at his own expense and was later fined with a 600 euro statement. He was not fined for not having a VAT number“.”We do not wish to publish further details about locations that are currently being monitored, are changing, or the operating protocol or methods used for these functions. Our mission is to reduce these irregular and harmful practices, to the public finance and wood environment – Said the commissioner Alessandro Provini -. This function does not give first results, but it is certainly very important in terms of the amount discharged and the amount of the fine. Finally, for information, cleaning illegal drains costs the municipality thousands of euros each time, so all of these activities are far from making money because some people believe in social media, but some aim to restore the law that came with it. Missing or not!“.

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