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Jupiter was attacked by an unidentified object

Jupiter was attacked by an unidentified object

Jupiter was struck by an unidentified object on September 14th. (Photo: NASA)

Gap – The nature of this celestial body is not yet known. Night of Sept. 13 to 14, a Star Came rushing into more clouds Ammonia From Thursday. Impact leaves one Flash Large enough to be picked up by many amateur astronomers around the world.

Jose Louis Pereira in Brazil, Jean-Paul Arnold of the Harald Paleske in Germany or the Lorraine Astronomical Society in Ville-le-Czech in Lorraine, who had the opportunity to record this remarkable event and shared their pictures on YouTube or Flickr.



So, comet or asteroid? At this point, it is too soon to know. Considering the intensity of the flash that lasted 2 seconds, the celestial body would have spread over almost a hundred meters. Astronomy fans are invited to share their observations with amateur athletes who have successfully shot or photographed. In the coming nights, there is no doubt that many will be looking for a possible clue left by the impact of Jupiter’s gaseous atmosphere.

It smells of gas

Jupiter is the heaviest planet in the entire solar system. This is not the first time Jupiter has buried a small celestial body under its gas level, with a force of gravity two and a half times greater than that of Earth. At least eight other impacts Conflict The universe has been listed on Jupiter for the past two decades.

The most famous comet collision was the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet that struck Jupiter in 1994. Hubble. This time, the impact was predicted several months ago.

Other vulnerabilities were taken by total chance. For example, Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley saw a collision in 2009 with French amateur astronaut Bedrangelu in 2017.

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