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PS5 owners can expand the memory after the upgrade

PS5 owners can expand the memory after the upgrade

Manufacturer Sony is offering a software update to its PlayStation 5 customers. This gives the console a feature that has been waiting for months.

Sony is offering the second major computer software update for its PlayStation 5 customers. The console manufacturer announced this on the PlayStation blog. The update finally makes it possible to expand the PS5’s memory. In addition to other improvements, there is also a new 3D sound experience.

Expand PS5 storage

An important feature that Sony announced when the PS5 was offered was the ability to expand the built-in memory. If you wish, you can expand the console with SSD in the M.2 form factor. Games and media applications can be loaded directly into extended memory and started from there. It is possible to move between SSD and built-in storage and external storage source.

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How to Insert an SSD in a PS5

The SSD must meet certain requirements. Only the PCI Express SSD (NVMe) in M.2 format is compatible with the M-key. Slow SATA SSDs with a P-key do not fit in the slot inside the PS5. Size can be up to 22 mm wide and 110 mm long (22110 shape). SSTDs with storage sizes ranging from 250GB to 4TB are recognized by the PS5, and Sony recommends read speeds of at least 5500 megabytes per second. The company recommends a heat sink for the SSD.

  1. Turn off the PS5 and place it on its left side.
  2. Lift the top edge, slide down and remove the right cover.
  3. Loosen the screw on the metal cover on the SSD slot.
  4. Place the fixing point for the SSD in the correct position according to the length of the SSD.
  5. Carefully insert the SSD and fix with a screw.
  6. Turn the cover over and place the side panel back on.
  7. Start with the PS5 and follow the on-screen design instructions.
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For detailed instructions, watch this video:

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Improved user experience

In particular, with the software update, PS5 users can design the user interface (control center) more independently and rearrange the control components. Additionally, the home screen now differs between games that have PS4 and PS5 versions installed. The tiles for the two versions are separate and show the respective site directly.

PlayStation customers can now choose between 720p and 1080p resolution depending on the game.

3D sound through TV

After installing the update, users can enable simulated 3D sound with their built-in TV speakers. The acoustic duality of the room is measured by microphones built into the controller. The function can be found in the “Sound” menu item.