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"Logio download. But we can only play after 61 hours ..."

“Logio download. But we can only play after 61 hours …”

Bologna – A bad blow to Logio seemed positive. Returning to Dol’ara, Bologna went on to win 3-0. Marricio wing, To Sky Sport’s microphones, commented bitterly: “We came undefeated from all perspectives against a lively, bad team. You are expelled not only physically but also mentally. The second balls are all bologna. We need to consider a game and understand why we came like this, but quickly forget when you are tired, The whole environment is exhausting.Ware comes to warehouse workers, physiotherapists and those who play less fatigue.You should always be at your best to be in a state of mind and be in some position.Logio has been like this for many years: ten wins in a row and then two points in five matches.We We are improving, but this competition cannot be a reference point.

Wing and his midsection

“My midfielders have to become a whole, now they are not. They defend a little bit, take the ball and become better players. That’s theirs. Thursday’s engagement? There are some important issues, but it’s okay to talk about them inside the locker room and inside headquarters. In late September at the end of September is not a big problem. We’re the only team left to play in Europe after 61 hours, but like I told the boys, you have to fight the league to prevent it from happening again. However, this does not have to be an alibi. We were tired from the beginning. The team closed those seats today. With a few moves without the ball and in the last 30 meters it became complicated. Napoli Midfield combined physiology and technique, with a greater preference for drilling. Unripe? 20 minutes from the end, I told the bench that there would be a red card. I saw the reaction of the tension, not exactly, it happens when his head is in the clouds, the red game was in the script “.

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