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Dragnek Direct – Puzzle Powerhouse Announces a Monster Travel Expansion, New Game and more

Today Drakneck & Friends, known for its award-winning and highly acclaimed puzzle games such as A Monsters Exhibition and A Good Snowman Heart to Built, hosted their first Drakneck live mini-conference.

An overview of all announcements and links for more information can be found here.

What was announced in Drakneck Direct?

  • Monsters Expedition Swing to Switch + Gets the biggest expansion on all platforms
    The adorable monster game for Switch has been announced and will hit the console on August 5th. At the same time, the new museum expansion is available for free on all sites.

  • Fire Peaks announced the release date + for the console
    In a new developer commentary video with Corey Martin, Drakneck & Friends announced that their publisher debut will be on September 30th. A switch for the PC version and the PS4/5 version have also been announced.

  • Sokobond Express – New Game Announced!
    Drakneck gets a mashup sequel that connects the classic Sokobond and Cosmic Express games, called the Sokobond Express. Game announced with short teaser for 2022!

  • Drakneck Classic Switch Comes – September 3 hits three puzzle lands

    • Sokobond comes to Switch + for the first time translated

    • It’s hard to make a good snowman switch

    • Coming to Cosmic Express Switch + has controller support for the first time

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