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Apple has used a security link believed to be related to the Pegasus affair

Apple has used a security link believed to be related to the Pegasus affair

Apple is releasing a series of updates for iOS, but also for MacOS Big Sur and iPods that its customers need to install without delay. Vulnerabilities have been identified and are already believed to be used for malicious purposes.

IPhone and Mac on desktop

IPhone and Mac on desktop // Source: Marcus Mouse Short on Unsplash

As a reminder, After the revelations of the project Pegasus, Prohibited Stories, a Nonprofit Program, and Sixteen Media Inquiries, there is ample evidence that security flaws used by the Israeli company NSO Group to infect smartphones were highlighted.

The alleged software sucks up all the data from the smartphone: photos, videos, address book, locations … but encrypted messages in the apps Signal Where Share. Target Android operating system, Windows and iOS. CitizenLab was able to independently track an NSO Pegasus spyware IPhone 12 Pro Max Performs iOS 14.6 (The latest general version of the operating system). This iPhone was hacked via a vulnerability Zero day zero click Ann iMessage.

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Apple to act quickly, The next day for announcements, Explains that the iPhone is, after all, the most secure smartphone in the world. I must say that the American brand has done to protect personal data A priesthood among its users. Several studies show that it is Apple’s orientation is “privacy” This has weakened other brands of smartphones.

A security link is used

Apple hastily stopped macOS 11.5.1 and iOS / iPadOS 14.7.1. These updates fix a security flaw that may seem minor at first glance and appear to have been used in connection with the Pegasus case. Therefore, as a precaution, we advise you to start updates without much delay.

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On the iPhone and iPod, go Settings> General> Software Update. When on MacOS, you need to go System> System Preferences> Software Update.