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Polk Audio Signa S4 Review: Effective Surround Virtualization in Elegant Soundbar

Polk Audio Signa S4 Review: Effective Surround Virtualization in Elegant Soundbar

The Signa S4 has a 3.1.2 soundbar, 25mm full-size center speaker, and two. Tweeters 25mm and two 120 x 40mm midrange drivers for stereo channels and two 66mm vertical diffusers. The box itself is fitted with one Woofer 150 mm and a vent Pass reflex. The bar has 3 listening modes (movie, night and music) and three levels of voice emphasis (VoiceAdjust).

Let us first look at the movie mode. As its name implies, this method is most suitable for movies and series because it allows the scene to be stretched horizontally in a surprising way. In fact, even though the menu offers a 3.1.2 format, it manages to recreate the page round effects brilliantly without any special speakers. Although the voices may seem a bit far-fetched, there is no need to constantly activate the volume between quiet scenes and more poignant action scenes. There is no real interest in using VoiceAdjust, especially to highlight the voices, this mode reduces the bass and treble level, which distorts the sound a little too much.

Two vertical channels dedicated to Atmos effects, but rather slightly disappointing. The verticality of the sound level is very sensible and the height of some effects is really hard to feel. In addition, the bar constantly makes one Composition In Dolby Adams, it does not crash when it is in film mode, for example, creating a kind of echo that does not match the music content. Fortunately, the music mode makes it possible to turn the bar into a simple stereo speaker. The left and right channels are then completely independent, which gives a more natural rendering to the music content.

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The Signa S4 features a V-shaped audio signature. The heating feature is provided by the subwoofer, which provides a nice extension of the bass. However, its cut-off frequency is particularly high (200 Hz) and Shortcut Very steep. This creates a dichotomy between the menu and the box: the official tools in the pass register seem to come from the box, and the rest come from the bar.

The retreat of the Mits and High Mids creates a lack of presence and distance from the sound stage: many instruments, including the voice, can actually appear at a distance. The general accuracy is also average, with excessive effects on the bass and recurring syphilis effects.