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Download software only from known sources

Download software only from known sources

There are many scammers on the internet. Therefore, users should be careful including when downloading software. Several sources are considered suspicious. But there are definitely safer sites.

Anyone who receives an email with a link from a stranger should handle it carefully. The Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Center and the State Criminal Police Office advise not to open such links and to remove the email immediately.

Because there are so many scammers on the internet. Those who are very indifferent to the web run the great risk of causing even financial damage – data retrieval can be costly.

When downloading software, they recommend Experts | Therefore, use only known, reliable sources. For example, users can install programs directly from the manufacturer’s website. An updated antivirus program on the computer should also check the process. Otherwise, users can hide and download Malicious programs On the calculator. Among other things, there is a risk of data loss.

That’s why experts advise: Back up your data without fail. Backups should be stored by users on separate systems or networks.

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