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The government is ready to bring a giant to Italy: this is what is happening

It seems that the Italian government is in talks to bring Microchip to the country. Let’s see who it is and what happens.

Mario Draghi, Government (Getty Images)

As we all know, technology is constantly changing in our lives. Devices are more and more Performers, Fast and intuitive. You need all the components that allow them to function properly. Due to the epidemic, there was a very serious problem in this regard Elements.

All sectors from smartphones to PC to video game consoles are affected by these vulnerabilities. Precisely in this case, as reported by Reuters, the Italian government appears to be in talks with Microchip. Name it Intel And the deal is to come up with one Production chain In Italy.

Despite the secrecy demanded by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgette, News about it has come out. This was reported by the British news agency which published some direct sources.

Intel, the best initiative of the Italian government

As CEO Pat Gelsinger said, Intel’s goal is a maximum investment in Europe. We are talking 80 billion euros Spend the next decade. This is why Italy is trying so hard. The same Drake Ensured that the time had come to act so as not to divide too much China e United States.

The source at Reuters talked about a potential investment 4 billion euros. A figure that could reach 8 billion following Intel’s plan. The government will be willing to participate in the investment with public money in addition to favorable conditions. Intel’s potential entry into Italy guarantees many jobs and, according to sources, seems to be there Option to close within a year.

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This activity is about the plant “Advanced packagingIn this area, Intel has already invested $ 3.5 billion in New Mexico. But Italy is not alone in this competition, it should focus Poland Such a plant already exists. However, e Research Center. We’ll see, Intel’s visit to Italy in the end can bring new life to the country.