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Alexa - Set voice speed by voice command

Alexa – Set voice speed by voice command

If Alexa’s answers are spoken too quickly or too slowly, you can adjust the speed of the language.

“Alexa, speak slowly!”

Amazon has many additional functions for its voice assistant, which will make everyday activity as pleasant as possible for the user. One of them is the ability to make Alexa speak slowly or fast. For example, it can be very effective for the elderly or people with deafness.

If the voice output is too fast or too slow for you, you can adjust it with the voice command. You tell me “Alexa, speak fast (or slow)!“Alexa’s response will run directly at the new speed, and then adjust further if needed. From normal speaking speed, Alexa can be made to speak twice as slowly or four times faster. If you want to return to normal speed,”Alexa, Speak at normal speed!“.

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