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Discord integration on PSN may be immediate -

Discord integration on PSN may be immediate –

2022 will start with great news especially for gamers who like or play multiplayer titles and chat with friends. According to an image that has been circulating on the internet for the past few hours, a user has been able to access the option to link his PSN account. Difference of opinion, It suggestsInstant integration Platform Services PS5 e PS4.

In May last year, Sony announced a partnership with Discord, which aims to integrate its services into its consoles to “connect friends, groups and communities, have fun and easily communicate while playing together.” For beginners, Discord, among other things, allows you to organize Game Chat In a simple and functional way. Also, it allows players from different platforms to interact in a single voice chat, which is definitely the most important feature, and allows multiple multiplayer titles to cross play.

As mentioned at the outset, the image above may be a hint that the integration of Discord with PlayStation Network services may be immediate, in any case planned In early 2022.

At this point we have to wait for the official news of Sony and Discord, which will not be long to come.

Staying at Sony, the technical specifications of the PlayStation VR2 were announced today and given the Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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