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"Councilor Leon and NTH unloaded the barrel"

“Councilor Leon and NTH unloaded the barrel”

The Promised Before Lower Secretary Celeri and now the evaluator Leon’s download

The testimony of Antonita Lucia is that in recent days the eagle has brought back Genoro Gianzandi, a former employee of the Vulturina Hospital, in a letter to Health Rocco Lyon about his experience as a patient being treated at Irccs Crob in Rio. Some considerations.

Ms. Antonita Lucia “is proud to say that she chose to receive treatment in the group because she believes it’s a great facility.” Confirmed accreditation until 31 August 2026. Recognizing extraordinary importance, it demonstrates compliance with all quality and care requirements for cancer patients and adheres to the most stringent and binding parameters in carrying out medical, support and research activities each year, from 1915.

A letter from the interested Antonita Lucia, “To arouse interest in her human life, to elevate the qualities she encountered, and for the excellent assistance she received from the medical and paramedical staff, these are her words, the best” Staying in the hospital was done with respect and patience. But, as Anna D’Alessandro did in October 2019, when the dangers of crop demotion were identified, Antonita Lucia did not hesitate to report limitations and shortcomings, even if the risks of demotion were avoided and better understood.

Two courageous, exemplary women find the strength to fight disease and improve the quality of care, helping to elevate the level of excellence of Irccs-Crob »Giansanti continues. “Their testimonies, their complaints, are of extraordinary value, and they have the power to cause severe repercussions, especially at different stages of decision-making.” Forced, the story of her first experience of having to undergo chemotherapy, her passion, almost in the face of a thief’s gesture of gesture – she says – from a man. I was comfortable, but some people put their hands on the chairs on the table. There were two of them, me and a gentleman. He stepped in front of me, gave me a place to sleep, sat down in a chair, and sat down with his hand on the table. I saw him often, sometimes he fell asleep, I was comfortable, but I almost felt like a thief ”».

“In short, Antonita speaks of unity and excellence, remembering that Crop is a target for many patients, not only from Basilicata, but also from Campania and Buglia.” ch nàcn r ‘sàl vulìm uastà la mnèstr?) (NA) However, in December 2019, during the visit of the Pierpaolo Sileri Group, the Deputy Minister of Health, President Party, Councilor Lyon and all CROP executives, researchers to increase the medical and paramedical staff The day center will open in a few weeks to carry out diagnostic and interventional radiological operations to stabilize, as well as upgrade technical equipment, affiliated with the Oncology and Hematological Day Hospital, meanwhile. And, instead of solving problems, we see another barrel discharge that is unbearable.

I hope Councilor Lyon, along with his fellow councilors, would have done a great job if he had donated the armchairs to the Crop as requested by Antonio, while in the meantime Irccs-Crob would have been involved in the task of ensuring that the reserve assets were not always used up. ார Genaro Gianzandi concludes to close loopholes in other regional health realities by making full assets available to further elevate Irccs-Crob.