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Samurai Warriors 5: Information about the new trailer and epic play

Samurai Warriors 5: Information about the new trailer and epic play

With Samurai Warriors 5, Koi Techmo Europe and developer Omega Force 5 immerse players in an epic, historical drama – the return of one of the greatest owners. A new experience awaits all fans who can expect a fascinating sequel to the Samurai Warriors series with an amazing plot and beautiful graphics. The Electrification 1-vs-1,000 title will be released on July 27, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (running on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility), and X-Box-One consoles (powered by backward compatibility on the Xbox Series X | S). And steam was released.

The story of Samurai Warriors 5 begins at the end of the Engine War, during the Sengoku period, and tells the story of two of the greatest military commanders of the time, Nobunaka Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi. The New Warriors title covers various periods from this period, including Nobunaka’s younger years, when he was called the “Great Fool of Ovary” and the period of turmoil and uprising that led to the Honne-G incident.

The characters of the game have been completely redesigned and redesigned to match the Sengoku period. In total, there are 27 playable characters in Samurai Warriors 5, including new and well-known players, from Iyasu Tokokawa and Hidayoshi Hashiba to N and Yoshimoto Imagawa. Coca Ninja Mitsuki was also included. More characters will emerge later.

The musou acts celebrating the entry into the series are new, including the newly created musou frenzy attacks, which can simply defeat enemies. These actions are depicted in the vivid style of Japanese ink painting, elegantly refining the Samurai Warriors series to bring the Sengoku period to a breathtaking life. The intertwined stories of Nobunaka and Mitsuhite unfold on screen like the scroll of the Sengoku era.

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