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Cycling Training – Download the free e-book

Introductory guide to cycling training. Keywords, tips and ideas for understanding training techniques and improving your fitness. Download the book for free in PDF.

Training is one of the most important fields of study Science is often confused with urban myths, innovative methods without verification, or outdated methods that are still widely used by the general public.. At Pygmalion we are always committed to educating cyclists on the proper use of bicycles. As cyclists it is essential to know the basics of training to understand your needs, to listen to all emotions and to improve performance. Book Cycling training (Downloadable in PDF) VO2Max, again, is a free support for anyone who wants to know more about RPM and all the little secrets to completing their training.

So, we asked Pavlo Kafurini, a PhD in physical fitness science, a professor at the University of Brescia and supervisor of the course.Optimal training in cycling“, Writing a book that can be used as a guide by a cyclist to understand what it means to train intelligently and efficiently.

The pages of the book “Training for Cyclists” include the following topics:

  • Keywords in cycling training;
  • Sports doctor visit;
  • Basic concepts of cycling training;
  • Train with power;
  • Train tolerance in cycling;
  • Muscle flexion and joint movement;
  • மீறல்;

Our goal is to provide an introductory guide that will help the cyclist develop his or her own training program and, above all, help you understand how and when to train. The book is free to download, We firmly believe that “knowledge does not diminish if shared”

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You can download the book at this link

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