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SpaceX plans to send its first astronauts into space in late 2021

SpaceX plans to send its first astronauts into space in late 2021

Nothing stops SpaceX. Billionaire Elon Musk’s U.S. space agency said in a statement MondayThere is In February, it plans to launch its first space cruise in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Named the Inspiration 4, the mission will be carried out using a reusable Balkan 9 rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will be aboard Jared Isaacman, the group’s first astronaut, founder and owner of Shift 4 Payments. Jared Isaacman, 37, opens candidacy for three seats with him in the Dragon Capsule “People coming from the general public, its identity will be announced in the coming weeks”, Refers to the news release.

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Mr. Isaacman announced plans to use a private trip to raise $ 200 million (approximately $ 165 million) for the St. Jude Foundation, which works on childhood diseases. An employee of St. Jude Medical Service has already been selected for the job. Two types of seats are possible: Seat “Generosity” Following a balance, the foundation can be donated, while the seat “Prosperity” His entrepreneurship can be gained by sharing the story. This competition is open to residents of the United States over the age of 18. A website has been created at the address Inspiration, So that people can apply for the remaining seats.

An orbit around the earth every 90 minutes

Four people “Business astronaut to receive training from SpaceX”. According to the company, the mission will last two to four days and space tourists will orbit the Earth every 90 minutes. After work, the capsule enters the atmosphere to land on the waterfront off the coast of Florida.

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Last week, Axiom Space, a US space agency based in Houston, Texas, paid $ 55 million (approximately $ 45 million) each to transport the names of three businessmen to the space station. International January at SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule. A Japanese businessman has signed a deal with SpaceX to fly to the moon.

In November 2020, before joining the International Space Station, four astronauts were successfully launched into orbit by SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule.. The Dragon capsule became the first spacecraft to be certified by NASA forty years ago a week ago.

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NASA focuses on the Moon and Mars

NASA returned to SpaceX and Boeing after completing its space shuttle program in 2011, which failed in its goal of making space travel safer and cheaper. U.S. The agency plans to spend more than $ 8 billion on its business group plan by 2024, hoping to meet private sector needs. “Low orbits” From NASA, you can focus on missions back to the moon, and then to Mars.

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In addition to its first space cruise mission, SpaceX was launched by two humans for NASA in 2021, Including one in the spring with French astronaut Thomas Pesket.

Founder Elon Musk is the richest man on earth In 2002, SpaceX now outperformed its rival Boeing, and its space program was in trouble. After failed tests of its unmanned Starliner capsule in December 2019.

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