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Free 3.49 euros instead: Action-packed sci-fi game for Trekis and Star Wars fans

Instead of 2.99 euros: Apple offers action mobile games for science fiction fans

Great apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

The “Cosmic Frontline AR” mobile game, which costs EUR 2.99, will be available for free for a while on the App Store. But is it even worth downloading the free app?

You can temporarily save the mobile game “Cosmic Frontline AR” in the App Store. You save 2.99 euros. (Source: Netsweld)

  • The mobile game “Cosmic Friendline AR” is currently offered for iPhone and iPad. It usually costs 2.99 euros.
  • In the game you will fight in galaxy battles, conquer worlds and face countless hostile enemies.
  • The mobile game also offers AR mode, which allows you to bring space into your home.

There are a few more currently in the App Store Paid apps and mobile games are provided. Free campaigns should primarily attract new users and increase awareness. You will save a few euros and get some good plans and games.

Um App Store Free instead of 2.99 euros*


Among other things, it is present Augment-Reality-App “Cosmic Frontline AR” for free. In Mobile Game About space and interconnected wars.

To do this, you board your spaceship, fly up to the stars and colonize new worlds. It’s time to conquer enemy planets, build your own spacecraft and develop strategies to determine the battles that are coming for you. Game Highlights:

  • Control hundreds of spacecraft in massive battles
  • Beat 30 handmade planetary systems
  • Choose your style of play with or without AR
  • No ads or in-app purchases

You can play the game classically on your mobile phone or tablet screen. Alternatively, augmented reality mode is also included. With the help of your device camera, you bring space battles to the real world – in the living room or wherever you are.

You must have at least iOS 11 installed on your iPhone or iPad to enable “Cosmic Frontline AR”. Apps receive erroneous updates with bug fixes and sometimes new functions. Last updated in August 2021.

Is it worth downloading?

“Cosmic Frontline AR” is an action packed mobile game that is definitely suitable for entertainment. The game offers some variants, especially with integrated custom augmented reality mode. If you enjoy space battles that require the right strategy in addition to action, you should watch the game.

“Cosmic Frontline AR” currently has 4.2 stars out of 5 on the App Store. No ads or in-app purchases. According to the developer, the mobile game is suitable for players aged nine and over.

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IOS apps are currently available for free

IOS apps are currently available for free

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So if you are interested, you should catch it quickly. If the mobile game is now protected for free, you can always download it for free, even if it is resold.

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