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Corsica: Where do these mysterious coral rings that mark the bottom of the Mediterranean come from?

Corsica: Where do these mysterious coral rings that mark the bottom of the Mediterranean come from?

Exploration – Since July 1, photographer and avid diver Laurent Palesta has been mysteriously studying the formation of giant coral circles in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea with his team. A scientific and technological challenge.

“Imagine a plain of white sand, in this sandy plain at a depth of 120 meters, which stretches for tens of thousands of square kilometers, with small red stones forming large dark rings.” As a photographer, Laurent Palesta is used to sharing the beauty of the Mediterranean underwater. But this time he is creating a mystery: to understand the origin and formation of nearly a thousand rings with a diameter of thirty meters, which line the bottom of the ocean from the Cape Course.

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These circles, made up of corals and algae that are comparable to corals, were discovered ten years ago, in 2011, by researchers at the University of Gorde and a team of eframers using a sonar. Laurent Palesta and three other fishermen first examined them closely as part of Mission Combosa 6. No man has ever explored these seas.

“It’s so confusing. Are we here for something in biology and construction? Instead, are we on something that happened in the past? C is what catches our eye, and that’s what amazes us.”, Shares Laurent Palesta from the Pathiel station, located at a depth of 100 meters.

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The station where the team lives is divided into three parts. A “turret”, a kind of elevator that allows them to move between the seaport and the station. It is connected to a sanitary block and has a height of four square meters. Everything is pressurized, allowing the pressure to be maintained very deeply.

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Researchers will have until July 20 to learn more about this intriguing site. If this is not enough to find out what is behind this strange creation, Laurent Palesta is ready to dive in again. “A mystery, it never gets tired until we solve it”, He assures in the TF1 statement at the top of this article.

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