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Windows 3.1 sur iPad : enfin un vrai système d

Windows 3.1 on the iPad: Finally the real operating system for the tablet!

Who really owns the MacOS on the iPod to enjoy the full operating system with floating windows? Install the good old Windows 3.1 on the tablet! Possible function with application iDOS 2 These are Short descriptions, In English, by Bench Edwards.

5.49 costs Cost usage is one of the very few prototypes approved in the App Store. It runs DOS games and software on iOS device, thanks to the open source x86 DOSbox emulator. Apple has some Hunting At the beginning of the decade, but the application is stuck … but it will change following the appearance of this simple hack.

Getting the Windows 3.1 installer file is the hard part. It is always possible to retrieve the contents of floppy disks lying on the shelf (so you have a license). For the rest, the easiest way is to create a folder on Mac (just call it w3setup) Drop the contents of the floppy disk into the first level of the iOS 2 folder on the iPod, which was created in the application space On my iPod.

In iOS 2, type the command w3setupsetup Let Bucolic take you through the Windows 3.1 Configuration Wizard. At the end of the process, restart the iOS application (by swiping it from the multitasking panel), then type the command win. Welcome to 1992!

Sure, the first intuition is to start solitaire, but many softwares like calculator, clock, paintbrush, notepad are waiting for you… What memories (more or less)! It works just right on a keyboard and mouse or trackpad.

Bench Edwards advises going further by activating the sound (you need to download and install the driver for Soundblaster 16 Creative Audio!) And other games from Gold Mine Internet Archive.

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