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Contemporary players are still growing -

Contemporary players are still growing –

Less than two months after the start of the year it is certainly not possible to select a game as the “Wonder of 2021”, but Walheim Will definitely be one of the candidates. Survival Game has sold over 3 million copies – the increase in players clearly had an effect because Walheim broke its precedent Record of contemporary players: Now I’m over 400.000.

Precisely, on February 19, 2021, Walheim reached 410,990 contemporary players, as announced by SteamCards. Let’s talk about one +65,000 compared to the previous record, Reached last week. Clearly the survival game is still evolving and the results will expire before long.

To give you a hint, I think it took several months for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to reach these numbers in 2017. PUBG is still higher than the Viking Survivors: it has reached the record of 451,823 players in the last thirty days, his highest record being 3,236,027 simultaneous players. As of this writing, PUBG has surpassed Wolheim’s figures by 60,000 players, which continues Apex Legends, GTA 5 and several inches above Rust.

As always, Tota 2 and counter-strike: Global attack tops the leaderboard, With 634,887 and 1,100,157 players, respectively (at the time of writing). Walheim certainly can’t touch these sacred monsters, but he’s firmly in his fourth place. If developers can support it on a regular basis, it could become a permanent member of Steam for the first 10 years.

We point out through our first posts what we tried in Wolheim.