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Stick sliding of the controller leads to a usage time of only 400 hours

Stick sliding of the controller leads to a usage time of only 400 hours

So far there have been almost positive reports about the dualSense controller. However, in the meantime, there are some messages related to analog stick sliding, which means that the input commands are sent to the console without external interference, thus triggering movements in the game.

Exactly this problem is now explored in the technical video of iFixit. In fact it was the most appreciated controller, so it turned out that it has an operational service life of more than 400 hours. This information may deteriorate over time.

Described in more detail, you can see how the dualSense controller is divided into its individual parts by an expert. In doing so, they came across the Alps-Alpine module, which is used in other controllers as well. In addition to the PS4 gamepad, it includes the Xbox One Elite controller and Nintendo’s Pro controller. Various users on the network also reported problems with these devices.

To give you an overview: The components of the electrical resistance are built into the controller, which ensures that you can move the joysticks in all directions. The developers activated a spring so that the activating joystick would automatically return to the center. Another component that allows you to press the joystick.

These reasons are possible

According to experts, there are four reasons for the terrible stick slip in some cases:

  1. Wear and tear of resistive components: Depending on the application and the style of play, the life of your controller will be shortened. Continuous movement of the sticks will cause distortions over time, which changes the resistance value. The first-person shooter “Call of Duty: Warson” is cited as an example, in which both joysticks are in permanent use and are heavily loaded accordingly. The controller here must drop the monster after exactly 417 hours. With an average playing time of two hours a day, the device lasts half a year.
  2. Lending pen: The built-in spring also shows signs of wear after a while. Playing too often for long periods of time causes the spring to expand, which can change the starting position. If this happens, input commands will be sent without the use of joysticks.
  3. High rate of plastic: Friction in the controller causes damage to the installed components, to which a large amount of plastic contributes.
  4. Dirty and the like: Lastly, not least, it can promote or increase the problem of dirt slipping into the controller from the outside.
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An American law firm has already filed a class action lawsuit for this inconvenience. However, Sony offers a guarantee, which is why this approach is unlikely to be successful.

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If you are already having trouble, there are three options. You can try to repair the controller yourself with the help of a tutorial or use the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. You need to be prepared for the long wait. If it has already expired (this is not yet possible) or you have purchased an unofficial device, you have no choice but to buy a new controller.

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