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Follows the municipal panel pocket to distribute practical information

Follows the municipal panel pocket to distribute practical information

Cernoy-n-Berry. Member of the Cernoy Panel Pocket. From February 13, the municipality has chosen to join the panel pocket mobile app. It helps to strengthen contacts with the citizens and provide information about village life.

By joining the organization, Cernoy-en-Berry joins more than 4,500 townhalls and sixty-six municipal officials. “We can distribute any information, weather warnings, water or electricity cuts, missions, municipal councils, events and demonstrations,” explains Mayor Michael Marquette.

“Strengthen Social Bonding”

Add: “Our citizens need to download the application to access it so that they can follow this data at home, on the go or at a vacation. “

“Beyond communication, this is a question of strengthening social bonds between citizens,” the electorate continues. “The application is available on a smartphone, but also from a computer and does not require account creation. The municipality sees our information as a complementary tool for the newspaper and our direct exchanges with citizens or the distribution of our Facebook account. “

Fryer, you, Dummy-en-Puise, Ozour-sur-Truce, Ozan-sur-Lower or even Saint-Firmin-sur-Lower have made a similar choice in recent years, a definite implementation.

Convenient. To download the app, type PanelPocket in the search engine. Free application.

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