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Coming Stick: A “playable archive” dedicated to the Enzo stick on the Nintendo Switch

Tribute to a great artist

Among the topics Nintendo iShop A title is coming out, which will be published very soon, which is really unusual.

about that Weather on the stick (Yes, with three Cs), and promises to be a unique experience, a journey into the mind of a well-known painter.

The name of the painter in question is certainly not new to all fans of contemporary art: let’s talk about it Enzo stickAn Italian artist recognized around the world. Creators Fantastic studio e Julian Palacios In sports information about him, describe their work Page steam.

The first artist archive created in the form of a stick video game.
This is the official playable archive of Enzo Stick’s works of art.

Stick is a game in which you explore beautiful dioramas, cross the dangerous and psychotic platform, and travel through the works of Enzo Stick.

Since the late 1970s, Stick has worked with a variety of techniques and materials, creating a broad and varied image that has now been transformed into the impossible art-video game Simira.

Find your way through 7 unique areas and collect 51 hidden objects to open the gallery where you can appreciate the various creations that inspired the visual style of the stick video game.

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A Trailer, Which explains different parts of the job.

It’s not possible to judge until the game is released, but it’s definitely worth it Unique test And very bold.

Weather on the stick Available from July 30, 2021, Further Nintendo iShop From Nintendo Switch. Will you take it?

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