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Ultimate Knockout Summer Comes With Nintendo Switch, New Trailer -

Ultimate Knockout Summer Comes With Nintendo Switch, New Trailer –

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out Announced in edition Nintendo Switch During the Nintendo Direct tonight, confirming a series of rumors about this, they have been following each other for some time, which is coming Estate.

The era of the exclusive console that bound him to the PlayStation platforms is clearly over, so Fall Guys will be coming to the Nintendo console in the summer of 2021. Exit date He mentions this but a launch will be set in the coming months.

The game is now well known, meanwhile it has become a kind of phenomenon Multiplayer: This is a kind of reinterpretation of Takeshi’s castle, or a series of insane contests in which bizarre characters compete to finish first or end up in absurd paths full of various obstacles and threats.

However, all of these are characterized by an actual style To laugh And desirable, however, that the classification of matches somewhat softens the climate of close competition, which has the potential to destroy lasting friendships. The Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys will obviously be used Joy-Con For multiplayer in portability, but beyond that it must contain all the characteristic contents of the original version. We see too New trailer Presentation of this particular edition as shown above.

Meanwhile, Fall Guys is set to receive an update to Season 3.5 after the new level and 40 variants arrived last January.