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10 Reasons to Play Now on Nintendo Switch + Match Nintendo Connect

10 Reasons to Play Now on Nintendo Switch + Match Nintendo Connect

It’s been a year since it happened World of Tanks Blitz Nintendo is already switching to it
Impressive list of sites. The game was released on August 26, 2020. Many Nintendo Switch owners were interested in seven-minute PVP battles – frantic, intense and even more tactical.

World of Tanks Blitz It has already convinced more than 1.5 million Nintendo Switch users. But for those players who are still not sure if they can jump into the online Tank Action game, here is a list of 10 reasons why you should now try Blitz on the Nintendo Switch. We also give the five codes a special tank, layer VII M6A2E1, a garage location and an animated “radioactive glow” camouflage. You can finally find out about the competition!

Before we tell you how to use one of the five codes World of Tanks Blitz Here are 10 reasons to play Nintendo Switch now:

1 – Blitz plays well on any screen, small or large

Even before it was released for the Nintendo Switch, it was World of Tanks Blitz Optimal for small (mobile and tablet) and large (PC and Mac) screens. Whether you hold your console in your hands or on the dock while you play Blitz, it will be in the right place with its sharp structure, razor-sharp resolution and impressive physics.

2 – Blitz takes full advantage of the power of current and upcoming Nintendo Switch devices

World of Tanks Blitz Operates with a standard 30 fps at 720p (handheld) or 1080p (chopped) resolution: no frame rate drop, no glitches. With the release of the next generation Nintendo Switch in October 2021, the already impressive graphics tank will make full use of the 7-inch OLED screen when depicting the massacre.

3 – Custom controls

For each site, Blitz offers a well-thought-out control system tailored to the specifications of the respective organization. On the Nintendo Switch, the game integrates a touchscreen menu and control with the vehicle’s controls with the triggers and targets of a Joy-con or Nintendo Switch Pro controller — with the option to further customize the map-out for personal preference.

4 – Complete cross game

World of Tanks Blitz Runs on thousands of device models in different operating systems, but you have no restrictions on who you can play with or against. Players on all platforms and devices can face each other on the battlefield. You can switch from one console to another (or PC) with the same Blitz account. Still, there are platform-specific vehicle customizations like the Nintendo Switch-specific Goodies, player avatars and unique packages only available on the Nintendo Switch.

5 – It’s free. So, in fact, completely free

This means you can download Blitz for free without an active Nintendo online subscription. You can access every vehicle that can research every mode of every nation, including Tier X (big guns). The only thing you can do – and not have to pay – is a premium account and a couple of curated premium tanks that offer no game benefits compared to any other research tank.

6 – Tons of content

World of Tanks Blitz First appeared 7 years ago. This time it not only received numerous graphics updates. The content is all final. New nations and vehicles are constantly being added, so now more than 400 armored vehicles are battling over 30 maps in various game modes. In addition, there are special events and special game modes tied to multiple events or brought back in response to multiple requests (such as post-apocalyptic)
Action from Matte Games or Zero G Tanks in Gravity). Not to mention the changing seasons of battle pass just in time for Halloween and good vampireism and exorcism (a kind).

7 – Almost everyone plays it

Blitz has millions of players. Age, interests, backgrounds and
Game skills vary — so if you’re looking for tough, hardcore clan members, you’ll have 7 minutes of round-the-clock fun with some really-favorite platoons like K-Pop (or Warhammer 40K). .

8 – It is cultural – through collaboration

There are so many fun collaborations with all sorts of celebrities and influencers acting as another icebreaker (and bridge builder) between multiple layers. World of Tanks Service: Blitz Cultural Basis. The participation of an MMA fighter or F1 racing driver playing Blitz connects you to the full range of activities that players engage in daily: from watching the anime to listening to the sound, there is always an interesting person at the other end of your AB-round.

9 – eSports is on the Nintendo Switch

There is a colorful and lively match scene with millions of players. You can build a team and win the Blitz Cup (the official Blitz World Cup with a prize money of $ 200,000) without letting go of your trusted Nintendo switch – because unlike the desktop, the console is official World of Tanks Blitz-Permission granted.

10 – It’s Blitz’s first Nintendo Switch birthday

The first reason is the nice bundle of gifts given to all the players on the first anniversary World of Tanks Blitz Nintendo Switch titles: 3 days premium account, 100,000 credits and 40 epic boosters to speed up your entry into the game (or make your earnings more enjoyable); And there are 10 camouflages above. Especially for newcomers there is a discount on the package with M6A2E1 – US Layer VII Premium Heavy Tank. It has been nicknamed the “Goose” and is a true gunman with excellent front protection.

This is how you compete

Load yourself World of Tanks Blitz Free from Nintendo iShop To Nintendo Switch, say some happy birthday in the comments below and let us know what you particularly like in the game. We present five codes to all participants at 11:59 pm on September 24, 2021, which includes a special tank, layer VII M6A2E1, a garage location and an animated “radioactive glow” camouflage.

Eligibility to Participate:
Anyone with a permanent residence in Germany or Austria and at least 12 years of age are eligible to participate. However, employees of Nintendo Connect or Nintendo in Europe are excluded from the competition.

Social media:
Comments can only be rated under the entry of this contest – not under shared social media posts.

Success announcement:
Winners will be notified in text form via the email address they have stored with us. The guest can comment and access the email address used if successful.

Data protection:
Participants agree to publish their registered usernames. Personal data for gift items will only be requested from winners when the prize is awarded. Approval is also required to send shipping data to third parties (e.g. sponsoring partners or logistics companies). Shipping data and this shipping data cannot be sent to the respective winners by the winner without the consent of the third party. Personal data will be deleted within four weeks of the competition. If you have any questions about data security, you can contact us at [email protected]

The prize money cannot be paid. There is no right to pay or change the gift. The organizer of the match has the right to stop the match abnormally if there are important reasons. The decision of the judges is final.

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