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Ein Bildschirm mit verschiedenen Varianten von Hello World, die von einer KI generiert wurden.

Codex converts AI language into code

OpenAI programming extends the AI ​​codex with the ability to code spoken language. This should facilitate growth for amateurs and professionals.

OpenAI’s current codex update marks a distant revolution in software development: one KI Natural, that is, simply spoken language, can be converted into programming code and thus software. Even complete coders can create complex computer programs.

What has already begun to show with GPT-3, viz Voice AI was able to generate simple programming code from the invited instructions – although it is not trained for this purpose – now makes OpenAI a feature in Codex.

Programming for business and amateur need

Codex is the AI ​​model of OpenAI For the programming language. AI aims to make daily programming easier for developers by completing code automatically. So far, only the codex has been embedded Copy of the Kidups software.

Now provides access to the codex via the OpenAI API Available in beta. Access to the beta is free, and access to the completed version will be sold by OpenAI.

The system also announces progress for the codex, which generates computer code from pure voice instructions: The codex generates the appropriate code for the instruction such as “Hello world with the world”.

Codex can build even the simplest computer games based on spoken instructions, as demonstration shows, even if it requires a lot of trial and error. Some more tips for data science Available on OpenAI’s YouTube channel.

Since Codex speaks many programming languages, AI can also generate coding algorithms within other programs. A demo shows how Codex works as a voice control in Microsoft Word: AI converts spoken instructions into word-compatible code in real time, and then designs the text written in Word as desired. OpenAIs Business Partner Microsoft According to OpenAI, such codex application scenarios are already being investigated.

The coding technique works from the language because the basis of the codex does it The AI ​​model GPT-3 trained a lot of voice data There is. For Codex, OpenAI has streamlined the programming process with the appropriate ones Re-training with code examples available for free on the Internet.

There is important debate in this context Question about copyrightThis is because AI eventually recycles the code lines created by human programmers. During the experiments, Codex quoted entire code passages from John Carmack’s old video game because the complete code was part of a data set for AI training.

OpenAI wants to prove it: Codex launches programming competition

The potential benefits of language-to-coding technology for non-programmers are clear, and will change software development as it reaches higher maturity. However, there is still a long way to go, and ultimately there is more to software development than programming.

According to OpenAI, professionals must first benefit from language understanding of the Codex. You can mix instructions in natural language with lines of code and give codecs precise instructions for generating programming code – just like you would ask a coworker to execute a function and write directly with concrete examples.

“Codex is a step towards a new interface for computers – you can talk to your computer and it will do what you want it to do,” says Brockman, describing the central vision behind the codex.

In A programming competition OpenAI wants to know or demonstrate how fast programmers can solve tasks in collaboration with Codex. Codex developers have to solve five Python tasks and can enter their best time in the overtime list.

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OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman and Codex project manager Wojciech Zaremba show a detailed language-to-code demo in the following video.

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