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macOS 11.5.2 is available to all users

After the new beta for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 last night, Apple is offering a new update on their Mac tonight for all users eligible for the MacOS Big Sur. Many revisions have been added to this new version and you are strongly advised to download it now!

MacOS 11.5.2 released

Two weeks after the release of MacOS 11.5.1, Apple is releasing a new version Editing For all users.
This update will not bring you anything new, but it is sure to get some bug fixes and better consistency.
In this type of version, Cupertino also solves security vulnerabilities, communications are usually made when a major security breach is a problem, although the company does not always say so.

Magos 11 is big in the title

You can download Right now MacOS 11.5.2 To do this, go to the Apple menu (top left of the screen) and then go to System Options And Software update. At this point, the new version will be available, its size is 2.52GB.

If you are hesitant with new updates, be aware that they are mastered first. Strict control Before available to all Magos users.
A major error cannot be ruled out, then we will notify you, but there are risks involved Almost non-existent.

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