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The bubble sent into space to be explored by Thomas Basket

The bubble sent into space to be explored by Thomas Basket

These single-celled creatures set off towards the ISS space station on Tuesday. The French astronaut will conduct his experiment at the beginning of the school year with thousands of students on Earth at the same time at zero gravity.

The “Polycystic ovary syndromeConsisting of only one cell and multiple nuclei. Like the fluffy mass of yellow, it is devoid of mouth, legs and brain. Yet he eats, grows, moves (very slowly), and has amazing learning skills. The organism can become dysfunctional by dissociating (without dying)

Four models of the same knob strain known as the floppy van canopy 1,2,3,4 – Star Wars note – went ISS on a Cygnus NG-16 cargo plane on Tuesday France3. Studying their behavior in the absence of weight would be a question here.

When the astronaut rearranges them, in September, about 0.5 cm. With food source – Oats.

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4,500 schools were mobilized

Today, no one knows what its behavior will be in microgravity: will it move in any direction, will it take a third dimension upwards or downward?», Asks Pierre Ferrand, a professor of earth sciences, who confirmed life to CNES, one of the initiators of the project. “I would be interested to see if it grows by creating pillars“Audrey Dussudor, Blob Specialist, CNRS Research Director at the Center for Animal Knowledge Research in Toulouse, asks.

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On the ground, thousands of bubble models are cut from the same strain (LU352) of their space connectors, and they will be distributed to 4,500 schools, colleges and high schools in France. Companies rushed to respond to calls for projects. “Initially, we planned to offer 2000 classes. But CNES and CNRS, which have faced a flood of records, have made financial efforts to meet 4,500 requests.», Says Christine Correcher, head of educational programs at the space agency.

It represents more than 350,000 students, and they will be knocked + out!, She congratulates herself. In late August-early September, teachers will receive a kit containing 3 to 5 sclerosis prepared by Audrey Dustur’s team and training to conduct the test. When he gets there, Thomas Basket wets his bubbles, and the students do the same in class. Shooting sessions begin with a comparison of its behavior with or without gravity.

An organization that does not respect conventional principles

Because it disrupts some scientific theories, the bubble in the classroom should generate a lot of discussion. “For example in cell theory we say that the oldest one, each cell divides into two cells. With the bulb, it does not work because it is a single cell that always grows without dividing, Explains Pierre Ferrand. Another biological anomaly: “While most creatures use both sexes, the bulb is over 720! It is a creature With drawers It tells us that life is made up of many original qualities», According to this professor.

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If the experiments prove to be decisive, Audrey Tussauds aims to organize another project in 2022: the study of the impact of climate change on the single-celled organism. A large-scale study will again rely on schools but rely on all possible volunteer structures.

This bubble appeared on Earth about 500 million years ago, before animals. Before being expelled from this regime, it had long been considered a fungus, in the 1990s, by the amoeba group, of which the amoeba was a part.