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Civic Education, "We are citizens of a stable world".  Download the Learning Unit for Kindergarten

Civic Education, “We are citizens of a stable world”. Download the Learning Unit for Kindergarten

World Earth Day, also known as “Earth Day”, was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 in the United States. Led by Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson, the Earth Day Network is primarily tasked with training and implementing environmental movements around the world through awareness of global warming, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss.

Earth Day encourages citizens to take action for the environment in their daily lives and to fight against global warming because climate change will not bring any organism.

Every April 22nd, as part of World Earth Day, is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the planet and educating citizens on the subject.

The uniqueness of our planet

Earth Day is a celebration of the uniqueness of our planet with its incredible biodiversity. UN On its official website, “International Mother Earth Day” DNA is very precisely about raising awareness of the challenges facing our planet, and it is the Earth and its ecosystems that nurture and maintain us. Our steps throughout life. In short, our only home. On this day various national and international activities are being carried out to understand biodiversity and how to protect our nature, plants, animals and the overall environment. Some of the measures taken include encouraging the purchase of green materials, reducing waste, recycling and reusing or promoting the fight against climate change.

Steps to the future

As written above, the idea of ​​dedicating one day to the Earth was born in the 1960s at a time of great sourness and cultural change in the United States, and following the publication of the ecological book “Silent Spring”. By an American biologist. The success of the book was immense and led to better environmental movements.

A day to respect the concept of earth and peace

A few years later, in 1969, at a UNESCO conference, John McConnell, a clergyman of peace, proposed a day to honor the concept of the earth and peace.

The project received strong support, followed by the celebration of “Earth Day” in San Francisco.

The original Earth Day of history

It was the first and original Earth Day in history, which coincided with the date of the spring solstice, a day now completely forgotten. Traditionally, the peace bell rang at the United Nations headquarters.

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The other Earth Day, something we all know, was born out of the idea of ​​Senator Nelson, an environmental Democrat, after a major environmental disaster.

whats going on?

Between January and February 1969, the largest oil spill ever occurred in the area off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Following an explosion in an oil field 10 km from the coast, about 100,000 barrels of crude oil spilled into the sea and beach in about 100,000 days.

Disaster and commitment

Birds, dolphins, seals, sea lions and the surrounding environment have been compromised over the years but a race against time has been unleashed to find a solution to the disaster. There was a public outcry across the United States with massive media coverage that led to the emergence of major environmental protection regulations. At the event, 20 million people (10% of the total U.S. population at the time) rallied across the United States and took to the streets.

Senator Nelson understood that it was time to bring the environmental issue to the attention of the political world.

“All people have the right to a healthy, balanced and sustainable environment, regardless of race, gender, income or geographical origin.”

This is the goal of one of his famous speeches, and the theme of the Earth Day proclamation. In 1970 the UN established the first World Earth Day at the behest of environmental movements.

The world and the environment

Since then April 22 has become World Earth Day, and this year marks its 51st anniversary. Initially the celebration was limited to the United States, but within a few years it spread around the world and reached more than 180 countries.

This year’s 2021 theme is “Restore Our Earth”, (We are repairing / rehabilitating our Earth). Its goal is not only to reduce environmental damage through the use of natural processes, green technology and innovative techniques, but also to try to repair damage to the earth.

51 Italian Celebrationsa World Earth Day

On April 22, 2021, the Italian celebrations of the 51st World Earth Day will take place, the largest event to raise awareness about the protection of the planet involving schools and young people each year. The celebrations will take place on the Roy Play stage with the 2nd edition of #OnePeopleOnePlanet, Earth Day Italia’s Multimedia Marathon: A Binding of Witnesses and a relay of voices from around the world. This initiative can be used by all kindergartens, primary, first and second grade secondary schools.

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The5a Edition of Education for the Sustainability Ceremony

World Earth Day on April 22, 2021 will be celebrated with the 5th edition of the Sustainability Festival for Education, which is organized every year in conjunction with this decaster. The festival, which now marks the unification of students from the entire school cycle, is being produced by Earth Day Italy this year in multimedia mode on the Roy Play platform, within the #OnePeopleOnePlanet marathon: the intermission of witnesses, the relay of voices from around the world.


In particular, all kindergartens, primary, first and second grade secondary schools can participate in the event in the following ways:

  • Students can sign in Follow the contents of the #OnePeopleOnePlanet Multimedia Marathon. Throughout the morning in the studio guests, testimonials, exercises, scientific insights, stories of young people, they will tell their commitment to the planet and the community, entertainment and lots of music.
  • Interested schools can submit their projects inspired by the objectives of the 2030 Agenda By participating in the 7th edition of the #IoCiTengo competition, their students can thus become ambassadors to Earth.

More detailed information on the #OnePeopleOnePlanet Marathon’s cultural and recreational program will be updated and available:

Finally, at the address [email protected] Schools, through referring teachers, will have the opportunity to report on projects or initiatives of environmental value that they have undertaken, which may be published and presented to officials and the press.

Berkin 1 comprehensive company Berkin Valsukana (Trento) writes: “Climate emergency is becoming increasingly acute, and World Earth Day always has a deeper meaning every year. The event, which has been extended around the world, seeks interventions, emergency measures, proper personal behaviors, pro-environmental, governments and public opinion to save the planet.

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UDA: Let’s help our friend Earth

These days many schools are rushing to relaunch the theme of environment and land conservation. Both UDAs, in particular, deserve the attention of very attentive teachers. One of them is the intersection of the three school levels of the basic cycle. The first of them: “Let’s give our friend Earth a hand!” The title of a learning section coordinated by Emanuela Rosenies and Maria Pascaldo of ICS Istiduto Comprencio G. Galilei de Scorsese (V), led by Editor – in – Chief Maria Rosaria Melida, is a World Environment Day of creating and distributing information leaflets with significant work and products. Participating in a tour of the park and cleaning itself according to the principles of the individual collection learning section “.

The other is the proposed “Federico II de Svavia” IC of Mascalusia (CD), which was directed by Editor-in-Chief Todd Sa Consoli Giusepina. This is an intermediate learning section entitled Citizens for a Stable World. This year’s crossroads seeks to promote what is on the UDA’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to promote what has been said between the objectives of “National Guidelines and New Views”. The 2030 Agenda is an action plan for the people, and in September 2015 193 UN. Aims to firmly learn to take care of oneself, others and the environment in the forms of planet and prosperity, cooperation and solidarity signed by member governments 17 Sustainable Development Goals, STGs – A total of 169 ‘goals’ or plans for action against a common goal representing common goals in a set of critical issues for development: , The struggle against hunger and climate change, the ‘common goals’ of all nations and all individuals. The fourth goal is particularly important for schools because it aims to ensure quality, equitable and inclusive education and to improve lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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