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IO Interactive The new IP is a dream come true -

IO Interactive The new IP is a dream come true –

IO Interactive, Author of Hitman and Project 007 (name not confirmed), working on a new IP, unknown now. It is understood that the team has not yet released relevant information in this regard New project, But recently it was revealed The dream came true, I mean, this is a project that studio players have been interested in for some time.

After independence, IO Interactive began to define plans for a brighter future. Recently, it opened a new studio and began self-publishing its own games (for example, Hitman 3) and is developing a new title based on the 007 rights.

I.O. It is purely the result of the love of the players and the inner team members, Those who have long dreamed of working there. ”

The CEO then says that the team always embodies some projects and that the research and development side is always at work: “We think about crazy ideas, worlds and characters”. basically, Io interactive is the focus of ideas, and in the long run we can see some good ones. However, for now, the priority plan is 007, so no other plan can be ready for many years. Also, keep in mind that Hitman 3 will be supported for a long time and that the saga is only “on vacation”, new episodes may come sooner or later.

We also point out that Hitman 2 is 300% of Hitman 2’s sales.