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Chrome: Set Home Page - TecChannel Workshop

Chrome: Set Home Page – TecChannel Workshop

Select Settings

After launching the Chrome browser, click the three-dot icon to the right of the address bar. Now select the item in the menu that opens Settings.

Define behavior at the beginning

In the following dialog, use the navigation on the left to switch to the entry In the beginning. You may need to enlarge the window slightly until the sidebar is fully displayed. There are three options available in the right part of the window so you can control the behavior.

Default Open the “New Tab” page. You are not loading a specific website, but see the Google search field. Below are links to pages you use frequently.

Choice Open recently viewed pages, The browser will load all the addresses that were open when you last logged out of Chrome. If there are a lot of pages, it may take a long time for the next start.

desire Open a specific page or pages Finally offers the most comprehensive options. Enter the URLs of the pages you want here in a separate dialog box that you would like to load every time you start. For example, anyone who wants to get an overview of the most important news every morning should appreciate this option.

If you do not want to be distracted from any content, enter the URL About: Blank a. With this setting, Google Chrome opens a tab at startup, except for the address bar and some restrictions. (Advertising)