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Nissan unloads John Mortenborough

Nissan unloads John Mortenborough

John Mortenborough is no longer a Nissan driver, at least not in the SuperGD. Condo Racing, the semi-official structure of the GT500, has announced the departure of the English rider from the team and the replacement with F2 driver Nobuharu Matsushita (former Honda). At this time John has not yet announced his future plans, which may be far from Japan.

Who is John Mortenborough and what is his relationship with Nissan?

With the exception of the Mortenbrough, Nissan seems to have closed one chapter in its racing history. GT Academy is an initiative promoted in conjunction with Polyphony Digital, which allows the best players in the “Gran Turismo” simulator to become real drivers. Mortenborough belongs to the generation of “ex-virtual” pilots who became true professionals. The talented drivers of Lucas Ortones, Alex Puncombe, Brian Highcotter and Ashley Oldfield have proven themselves on the tracks around the world and earned their value and respect.

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But now that era is over. Following the closure of the project in 2016, Nissan gradually removed the remnants. The landing of Orotness, the forerunner of virtual-born pilots, is now a symbol of an era that has passed. Mortonborough, the last remaining member of this dynasty, is also thankful for the good results obtained. But this is not enough to capture that space.

The future of the pilot

However, the adventure with Nissan is no different. John is currently the reserve driver on the Formula E team and can stay in that role or become a regular.

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Mortonborough now has a fair amount of racing experience. G.T. After winning the academy, he knocked out about 90,000 players in the finals, cutting balls with the GT-R GT3s in 24 hours in Dubai (third overall overall! Signed SRO. He operated three versions of Le Mans in 24 hours and created the revolutionary and failed LMP1 with front engine and mechanical power recovery. He competed in the IMSA Series in LMP2 in Europe and the United States. Between 2015 and 2016, he ran two seasons on the GB3, alongside the talented opponents of Red Bull and Stephen O’Keefe. He has been at SuperGT since 2016 with three podiums in the GT300 class.

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