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Children of Light (Nintendo Switch)

Children of Light (Nintendo Switch)

Two years later, the growing dark clouds are still hanging Sky: Children of Light (See our iOS Test) From a technical and ergonomic point of view. Despite the option to support fluidity or elegance in particular, this version of the switch shows jerks and logically lower resolution compared to contemporary mobile devices. However, despite the still strong artistic signature of Genoa Sen Studio, criticism of this work can be reduced by comparing it to the previous achievements of the Datcom company. Because it is a unique experience dedicated to universal character that reveals itself with its simply drawn story, its determined naive style and above all other little discovered little players. Easy long trips to open all online sites, guide functionality and proper use of the joystick – despite persistent glitches in the interface. The Little Prince Star desert fits wonderfully into a place like this for metaphor, empathy and sharing. Inspired by the Saint-Xperia story, its story reflects the spirit of freedom of this production, with astonishing precision whether it is an investment or an interpretation. Emotional thinking and friendly adventurers will fly there for a long time …


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