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Nintendo releases a picture of Mario with nipples again

Between Switch (PR) OLED and newer games, here are some important messages

Mario Mario (For those who do not know that this is not a stutter, it is his family name) Now the undeniable symbol Big n, As well as the worldwide icon of the video game world. But that’s what our mustache plumber is hiding Under his overview? A few years ago, aOfficial image Posted by Nintendo raises an interesting question among fans: Why does Mario have nipples, but not a navel?

Unfortunately not the same Yoshiaki Koizumi, Producer Super Mario Odyssey, He left this and was able to unravel the doubts Deep question mark Without answer. Last summer, Nintendo’s mother’s new official interpretation made ghosts even more annoying, showing a Mario without a navel, but even Without nipples.

Someone in this movie saw a clue to a successful comeback Super Mario Sunshine, Which was actually released soon on the Nintendo Switch as part of the package Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Someone else was delighted Unusually bare chest Our plumber. But now we can go back to sleep anew post on Twitter Mario’s nipples peeked back here from Nintendo in the US.

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In short, everything ends well. Although we never know why Mario Not a navel.

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