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Nexomon: The introduction will soon appear on consoles – ntower

Console gamers after enjoying Nexomon: Destruction late last summer, they are allowed to do so Coming soon Immerse in the first fruit. It goes by the simple name Nexomon It was previously only available for players on mobile devices or PCs. In the future, the roll-flaming game La Pokemon will be available for the last and current generation consoles, Nintendo Switch, Appear.

The plot is set thousands of years before the events of the last part. You slip into the role of a heroine and save the world full of Nexoman from the ruthless Nexolard. You can catch, nurture, nurture the creatures here. You and your team are constantly competing against other coaches to build a name for yourself in the world of sports and gradually strengthen your team.

Like the larger model, the fight mode is based and expanded to include some new ideas. Your journey takes you through ten different colorful areas, each with their own nexomon. Below is the announcement trailer for the upcoming console version.

Have you played Nexoman: Destruction? Can Big Brother still learn from the series?

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