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CASERTA SHAME. Govt "unloads" ASL Oz at the forefront of the emergency. Tough demonstration via Unit de Italia

CASERTA SHAME. Govt “unloads” ASL Oz at the forefront of the emergency. Tough demonstration via Unit de Italia

Banners of struggle

Caserta – New protest, this morning, by health and social workers of cooperatives Casserta’s A.S.L., In front of the headquarters of the local health institution via Unita de Italia. Display labels and banners and repeat slogans. For many years A.S.L. Claiming to have played a key role in guaranteeing Cazerta’s essential level of assistance and being at the forefront against the epidemic, the health office accuses them of opposing the necessary confirmations, contrary to what may have happened other facts in the region.

Today’s demonstration follows what took place several weeks ago due to the director general of ASL Caserta. Ferdinando Russo, Despite their many years of insecurity and their legitimate desire for a permanent recruitment after waiting, the A.S.L. Napoli has set a deal with 2 to “roll the rankings”, which, according to protesters, “damages workers in the territory waiting for stability for years, in favor of Naples’ colleagues who have already competed.”

The text of the press release issued by the community health workers is even more obvious: “After many years without public competitions, the long-awaited competitions in health have come to the South, and we wonder how all the Campania companies have conducted public competitions and announcements and expressions of interest for our professional person. By exploiting contractual agreements with various co-operatives, ASLD Caserta did nothing but stay out of the rankings active in other companies (see Asl Napoli 2 North). We, the health and social workers who have been in the service of this organization for decades, always guarantee the service, and above all in an epidemic regime, we believe that it is above all injustice to prevent us from achieving hope for contract peace. Mind. It is also disappointing to note the total immobility of companies that do not hold competitions or public announcements in our city, especially in the event of a complete emergency as we have been living for one and a half years. So, is this the reward you got after working in this company under the Govt regime? After ten years and so on in the ranks of the operating staff, a deal was approved with ASL Na2Nord, which, after bringing seventy colleagues here, breaks the legs of our perceived confidence, and with the recent opening they will come with countless other units. We conclude this sad message by strongly affirming our desire for justice, that your inaction on your own city and your fellow citizens is disgraceful and disgraceful. Finally, Naples 1 – Asl Caserta 0“.

Another moment of protest in front of Caserta’s ASL offices

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