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FaceTime comes on Android and Windows: a simple link!

FaceTime comes on Android and Windows: a simple link!

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Fasttime It is finally getting ready to come on devices Android e Windows, Even if it does so in a certain way. During the year WWDC It takes place in these minutes, Apple Has officially announced that its exclusive video calling service will be available for all devices Browser.

This means you can use video calls Fasttime By opening your simple link Browser, You can do it on both devices Android Those notebooks and PC With Windows. You can use FaceTime on any device Integrated browser, We do not currently know what the limits are.

Create one Link Get exclusive FaceTime video calling Button In the application for iOS, you can see from the image we show you below. Once the link is created, you can share it with your friends and then they can sign in through the browser.

Remember it until this moment Fasttime It has always been a service Exclusive For Apple devices, therefore only usable IPhone, IPod, MacBook And some other products, but not on Android and Windows devices. So this evening announcement is great news for everyone who wants to communicate via Fasttime with and without Apple products.

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As far as we know at the moment, the new function Fasttime Should come with the release iOS 15, So expect it to be available from next autumn. We will update it in the additional news about this article.

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