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Apple WWTC Live: Airports become smart hearing aids

The iPod is becoming a computer: follow the Apple event directly

At its developer Fair WWDC, Apple Fall shows what’s coming on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. But hardware fans can be happy too.

This is Apple’s Software Year’s Traditional High: In June at Developer Fair WWDC, the team unveiled its iOS, MacOS and Co. Shows where operating systems go. Occasionally there are one or more hardware inventions in its luggage. At 7pm Apple will open the second, completely virtual version of its trade show with a keynote address. Live here.

What will Apple show?

Newer versions of the iPhone system iOS, systems for the iPad, Mac and Apple Watch can be considered secure. The iPad in particular should benefit: According to rumors, it should grow further towards the desktop system, making it more suitable for production work. Other possible innovations include additional improvements in privacy protection, more powerful notebooks with Apple’s own M-processors, and native HomePados to take control of the smart home.

The iPod is becoming a computer: follow the Apple event directly

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