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Bonus adjustment announced on Pokemon GO • Nintendo Connect

Bonus adjustment announced on Pokemon GO • Nintendo Connect

After active bonus changes on Pokemon GO Implemented for players in New Zealand and the United States at the end of July and the basic communication radius for PokéStops and arenas was recently maintained at 80 m Niantic on Twitter Update on bonuses now. With the recently established task force, further changes to the bonus have been announced.

A few weeks ago, health-related measures in the US and New Zealand were adjusted so that some bonuses no longer apply. As a result of recent discussions in the working group, at the beginning of the joke season, the two current regional bonuses will be replaced by a global bonus, effective September 1, 2021.

In the practical comedy season, this bonus will come Pokemon GO Added:

  • Increased smoking efficiency while walking
  • Triple XP for rotating PokéStops for the first time
  • The time of the lock blocks is doubled

This is a bonus Pokemon GO Keep:

  • The efficiency of the space has increased
  • Increased damage to coaches in long-distance raid battles
  • Guaranteed gifts from PokéStops loops
  • Friend Pokemon brings more gifts than usual

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

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