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Bold Default II | Preview – Enmac

Brawley Second: End Layer will be released on February 26, 2021, exactly five years after the release of Bold Default II. The Octopus Traveler Group’s new Japanese roll-flaming game takes us to a new world that uses familiar elements from its predecessors.

Although mobile titles are not counted, Bold Default II is now the third game in the RPG series. Despite the number two in the title, it is not a direct continuation of the bold default. It was already released in 2016 with Brawley Second: End Layer. However, Bold Default II allows you to experience an entirely new adventure in a new world with new characters. Similar to the Final Fantasy series, in which subsequent games are not related to each other. We were able to run the first chapters in detail for our preview.

Successful standards

The story begins with a severe storm. The protagonist Seth, as we can freely name him, suffers as a shipwreck man on the shores of the Kingdom of Holcionia. There he is rescued by Princess Gloria of Moses, who died three years ago. The young prince, in search of the sacred base crystals that Musa once observed, disappeared when the country fell. Natural disasters and strange events already testify to the impending catastrophe. To avoid this, we join Seth Gloria in helping her search. The small group is completed by scholar Elvis and mercenary Adele. Guys do not take much time to find each other, so we are already out and have a full party at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, the four figures are of different interest. Seth and Gloria in particular are very quality. In return, Elvis and Adele show themselves very excited from the start. All four characters evolve over time, so over the course of the game, we are still unable to play, and unexpected changes are possible.

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In our journey we are sadly wandering around in a somewhat empty upper world, which is not very encouraging to explore and acts as a link between cities, dungeons and other places. The circumstances of the world vary depending on what world we are in. Holcionia is dominated by green meadows, while Savalon is a desert. Accordingly, the enemies we encounter are also different. Due to the very moderate camera angle, unfortunately we only have a relatively poor perspective, which is even more complicated when exploring the world. In return, cities are beautifully designed and show that standard camera angles and artistically high-quality environments can change a lot. It is very unfortunate that dungeons are based on the extra world, at least in a small part of the role-playing game we have played, which so far seems simple and sometimes almost boring. At the very least they serve their purpose and encourage us enough to explore even the last corners to discover treasures and secrets.

Known war system

If we encounter enemies, the default default II relies on the brave default combat system known from its predecessors. The game shifts to classic mode based battles. When it comes to the turn of one of our characters, we can choose between simple attacks or abilities. Bold Default II’s Special Brave and Default Commands. For each round we make a bold point, abbreviated PP, which allows us to take an action. If we use the default, we will not only protect, but also save our BP later. When it comes to our character’s turn, we can use bold command to do multiple actions. In total, we can place four orders. If we do not have enough PP, we borrow from the following rounds. However, if we continue like this, we will have to suspend our PP account until it is red again. The tactical application of this system is necessary and enables us to use different strategies. For example, we can act quickly when healing is urgently needed or save actions later when our opponent defends. It is also important that our enemies use bold and default commands.

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Other than that, the selected works of our characters have an important meaning. When we defeat an boss enemy, we get what is called a star code, which helps us take the job of our former enemy. These are classes like monk, white or black magician, each with their own abilities. A black sorcerer can work the basic attack spell, while a monk fights well without weapons. Champions, on the other hand, can take a lot and are well versed in handling the ax. Each character can choose a main and a side job. In addition to experience points, we also collect work points on fights that are added to the main job. As the work level increases, new active or passive skills are activated. We can also use actions of secondary occupation already acquired in war.

In view of the beautifully designed cities already mentioned, the bold default II is particularly noticeable. Otherwise, the roll-flaming game is graphically very chic, but the CB style of the characters should not please everyone. There are also some minor technical issues. Inputs sometimes react with delay and rarely drop in frame rate and resolution. At no time does it take on dimensions that have a real impact on the fun of the game. Atmospheric music is already one of the great highlights and, like its predecessors, quickly connected us to the game. This also applies to less successful English and Japanese voice releases, which add some fun and weird touches to the characters. But we boldly do not fully trust the default II. Looks more like a sequel to the more classic. Expect a good first ever best Japanese roll-flaming game by the end of February. It all depends on the development of a more interesting story, but a bit more classic. But thanks to the bold default, we hope and hope that the developers have re-knit a similarly exciting story, which over time will become more and more like the first series.

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Written by Alexander Keisler


Bold Default II initially reminded me of two 3DS episodes of the series. In particular, the resemblance to the series’ introduction cannot be ruled out. The basic story, characters and combat system are boldly based on default. But that is not a negative, despite the fair reviews of the game world, dungeons and technology, the earlier hours of the Japanese roll-flaming game made me feel good. I know how to promote the overall concept, I am curious to know in what direction the plot will develop and how far Seth, Gloria, Elvis and Adele will change. This is the most efficient place for Brave Default II. If the Japanese roll-flaming game manages to surprise and impress with its twists and turns and good character development, an excellent type representative expects us on February 26, 2021. Anyway, I look forward to a good first good game after the start.