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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and other undeclared games are classified as Nintendo Switch – Endeavor

The Taiwan Digital Game Review Board has evaluated new games for the Nintendo Switch, some of which have not yet been officially announced. One of these topics has a name The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Probably the Japan-exclusive Ace Attorney spin-offs so far Dae Kyoguden Saipan: Naruhodo Ryu No Kai No Boukan And Dae Kyoguden Saipan 2: Naruhodo Ryu No Kai No Kokuko They were released in 2015 and 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Great Ace Attorney Sonicals, according to the latest entries, will be available to both soon Nintendo Switch As well as for the PlayStation 4 and PC – this information is identical to a found data Hacker attack on Capcom Reached the public last year. Therefore, it must have been a period of time before the two The Great Ace Attorney games, known for their excellent music and new dynamics, were officially announced by Capcom.

And one was in Taiwan Stories from the Borderlands for Die Nintendo Switch Assorted – Interactive point and click adventure has appeared on many consoles so far, but has not been officially announced for the Nintendo console. Secret neighbor And Snow Runner Other third-party games that have appeared on the Agenda Appraisal Authority’s new Nintendo Switch lists. Finally, not least, it became the Chinese Action RPG Gene’s impact on PlayStation 5 Classified.

Are you happy that The Great Ace Attorney games for Nintendo Switch are about to be released?