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Block Facebook Ads: Slightly more complicated than expected

Block Facebook Ads: Slightly more complicated than expected

You have the option to block Facebook ads. However, this is only possible individually or with external applications. We will show you the options.

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world. The number of users continues to grow, with more than 2.5 billion people currently registered. Basically, it’s free to use, but the company has to fund itself somehow. Your data will be used to display personalized ads. you can But block Facebook ads. This is a bit more complicated than you think because you have to do it individually or download ad blocker software. We will show you what options you have in the following.

Block Facebook Ads: Here’s what to do.

Making money on Facebook for your personal information is no longer a secret. With the help of the information you provide, the company will make money by placing various ads in your timeline. In the meantime, it also feels like more ads will be displayed than your friends’ posts. However, you can block Facebook advertising. So let’s start with a simple, but complex variant:

Advertising on Facebook is personalized. But it doesn’t always help. But you can disable personal ads. However, this does not mean that you are completely exempt from advertising, but you can more or less determine what is no longer shown to you. How you can turn off customized ads:

Ad blockers can be very helpful

Ad blockers are available for every common browser provider. All you have to do is download the software. For example, “Ad Block Plus” is particularly relevant. You can download this program for free and then keep it in the top menu bar. But “FB Purity” may also help. This application is also free and will appear as a plug-in icon in the menu bar after installation.

It looks a little different in the Facebook app. Of course, you can also install ad blockers on your Android smartphone. But you also have the option of using wrapper applications as an alternative. But what is it?

Wrapper apps for smartphones

A wrapper application is an application that displays the browser version of a social networking site – not just the browser, but the application as well. These are especially useful because the main focus is on data security. In a nutshell: wrapper apps can block Facebook advertising with such an alternative by reading the Facebook website and editing or republishing the data.

You may not have the full benefits of a wrapper app like the original Facebook app, but if you are forced to use the site without advertising, the following apps may help you:

  • Metal (Android)
  • Friendly (Android and iOS)
  • Swipe to Facebook (Android)

Conclusion: Disabling advertising is relatively complicated

As you can see, hiding Facebook ads is not that easy. You can turn off each ad individually or download an ad blocker for free. Wrapper apps can help you on smartphones. These are basically the browser version packaged in one application, but due to the data security feature they are often displayed without advertising.

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To block Facebook advertising, you must use ad blockers or get an alternative app. Here are some more tips: Here’s how you can block YouTube ads. With this trick you can disable Samsung TV advertising.

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