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New functions are coming for WhatsApp, News and Purchases

Social Networking Confirmation has been published on the official WhatsApp blog to enable new customization functions for chat messages and in-app purchases.

New features for WhatsApp, News and Purchases are coming (Photo: Pixie)

பகிரி, Application Sending message Widely used among users, but contact i with companies customers, Is to implement new custom functions for messages Shopping in store.

In the published blog post Official site Social media reads that there are some risks to data security if you use inappropriate messaging applications Final to final encryption.

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WhatsApp: Message Security

New functions are coming for WhatsApp, News and Purchases
New features for WhatsApp, News and Purchases are coming (Photo: Pixie)

Every day, millions of people choose to interact with companies via WhatsApp“, We read on the community’s official blog. In fact, consumer habits are changing. In fact, more and more often, in order to get information, one has to change rather than the profile of the company To write An email or call Contact Center Or the companies themselves provide customer support using this messaging app.

And To protect I Information The personal data of the users of the application, the social network has long implemented a system Final to final encryption This prevents reading messages that are exchanged between users, even in the case of customers and companies.

The same Website We confirm that some custom features are coming in the news and purchasing management. This is made clear in the blog when referring to the security and data that the application collects. “If an application does not provide end-to-end encryption by default, it means it can read messages“.

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In fact there are many messaging applications that all ensure security in the transmission of messages, but in reality, this protection may not be entirely true. “We believe that people are looking for secure and reliable applications, which is why WhatsApp can access a certain amount of data.“, Explained in the blog.

We are now waiting for the actual release date of these new features.