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10 tips to get off to a good start in Viking survival

10 tips to get off to a good start in Viking survival

Walheim The video game of the moment is clear. You can’t miss this little gem as more than 3 million players have won the Iron Gate Studio title in the 17 days since its release on Alpha. If you ever hesitate to get it with your friends or just start your adventure, here are ten little tips that will make you a more experienced beginner than others! Of course, if you have already reached the Bronze Age, most of them will seem superfluous to you.

Look at the 1 # trunks!

The first instinct of each player in survival games is to smash trees with their fists. And inside Walheim, Trees will be your nightmare from the start of the game. These are LThere is the annoying habit of causing fall damage when falling. How many friends have we lost, being brutally crushed by a flying or rolling trunk. In their memory, Remember to retreat when the tree falls.

2 #Walheim: Destroy everything

Gathering resources as quickly as possible is a key quality of survival / creating games like this Walheim. Most This can be improved. The logs are placed in 50 packs on the outside (be careful, you will have to go through the hammer if you want to recover all of your logs) like stone, which will save your space. If you find an abandoned village, Placing a craft table in the middle will allow homes to be demolished quickly Recover items.

3 # Farmer Les Boss!

You beat your first boss, hurry! But there are still deer trophies in your inventory. what to do ?! Start again! The first employer is relatively easy and offers you a good number of useful resources. Take a day or two and seal it. Also, do not hesitate to come back when your chest is filled with cups again.

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4 # You are the friends of the wild boar

As in Minecraft, Can reproduce Walheim, Which, much faster than expected! If you have to wait for your first bronze ingots to plant your crops, wild boar breeding is easy, But requires a small pool of life points. In fact, the idea is to build an envelope, Attract at least two wild boars in it Then close the plug. Feed them fungus and roots, stay with them for a while and adjust barriers if necessary You have to see the love on them as you climb The days go by.

5 # Focus on one or two weapons

Despite that Some people like to focus on exploring or constructing imposed buildings, War is the main function Walheim. Like in a game Elderly scrolls, The more you use your weapons, the stronger So, you do more damage. It is better to use one or two weapons Spear / shield and bow They were very strong at the start of the game. Be careful, the bow starts to flex gently (really) and requires some adaptation time.

6 # Create a map of important places

The “blank” card is undoubtedly the element of dynamics I love Walheim. In fact, It is yours to write down every important place you see during your adventure. It may be the stones that give the region and / or different bosses, but dungeons, resources, and so on Copper and tin deposits Or return to your camp and / or dead location to pick up your equipment. Notice that too Your world is unique, and your map is unlike any other !

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7 # Forget the ocean

The sooner you realize it Water holds the most important place in your adventure. But still, you have to wait a while before you cross it. The raft will not be enough to allow you to go to the islands. But still This will allow you to go to the beach and cross the rivers without being bothered by this Niger Cross de Ningris. However, beware of the big snake that lurks, dying outside the main island can be a losing experience!

8 # Think about leveling the floor

All amateur builders will tell you: A good house is built on solid foundations ! Walheim With the exception of a durability and foundation structure added to the game, it is very difficult to build solid buildings at the beginning of the game. And so on Use a shovel to change the soil as you wishS. Keep in mind that Picox will also allow you to dig a trench around your camp at night when monsters attack.

9 # Eat a balanced diet

Food is never more important than this game! Not only that It affects your whole life, But because you can not eat the same food every day Minecraft. Here, You can eat three different foods to enhance your living pool, So consider eating five fruits and vegetables a day!

10 # Do not play alone!

It’s fun, but Walheim A game that reveals all of its salt when you play it together. It allows you to progress quickly, but specialize in one or more games. Very, You can train the weapons against each other And make fights easier, especially in dungeons.

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