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Bill Spencer criticizes ... Nintendo 64 controller

Bill Spencer criticizes … Nintendo 64 controller

Bill Spencer is generally praised for his competitive games and consoles. This admiration is especially marked by the hardware and software manufactured at Nintendo. Still, despite the Kyoto company’s entire product, the Xbox boss doesn’t carry it in his heart.

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Nearly 25 years after its release in Japan, the Nintendo 64 and its controller continue to generate controversy around the world. For example among the editorial staff of the game blog, many schools clash about the right way to keep the N64 controller (the right way or Thomas).

While some, including yours, are always satisfied with the ergonomics of the three-grip controller, these discussions show that there may be a design problem with this controller. For his part, Bill Spencer seems to have a design interest on the side of the Nintendo 64 controller in any sense.

Endless discussion

The boss of Xbox was actually one of those questioned for the purposes of the documentary series BPowerful: The Nintendo Story. When it came to the Nintendo 64, Bill Spencer did not keep his understanding of the design choice made by Kyoto secret:

Truth be told, I still don’t understand the Nintendo 64 controller. I think one had the idea of ​​having multiple controllers, but you need three hands to play one! Apparently, Bill Spencer is showing a little bad faith here. But as Thomas has shown many times, the format of the Nintendo 64 controller is such that some gamers have never had official communication from Nintendo, but do not understand how to keep it.

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For information, Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story Now available on Crackle streaming video service. Officially, however, the latter is inaccessible from France.

Do you share Bill Spencer’s view? Did you notice that the exact way to keep the Nintendo 64 controller is not clear? Do you think the Nintendo design went wrong? How did you get the N64 controller? Tell us all in the comments below.