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11.4.0 Update is coming, what's new?

11.4.0 Update is coming, what’s new?

Some leaks and datamines have been found to be a New update for Nintendo Switch (Version 11.4.0) Uploaded to Kyoto Home servers, but not yet available for download. A new firmware is coming, but what message will it introduce?

In fact, this question cannot be answered because there is no leaky changelock, the leak simply reveals Presence of firmware update v11.4.0 for switch and switch light, Other information unknown.

There are also those at ResetERA who wonder if this update will fix only minor bugs and improve the operating system or include some new features. Including folders, Has been loudly demanded for many years. Despite the functionality, many people underestimate the Nintendo Switch interface and the possibility of organizing games and applications in folders will certainly be appreciated by the public, but to date the company has not expressed itself in this regard.

There are those who speculate that this update may be incorporated New Nintendo Switch 4K Confirmed several times by Bloomberg and other economic newspapers, but never reported by the Japanese House. However, it is unlikely that the 11.4.0 firmware will be introduced with the new switch Rumor has it the console will arrive in the fall The update has already been uploaded to Nintendo servers.

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